Flamma Idola, Yousei Teikoku's 19th single, was released on May 31, 2017, commemorating the band's 20th anniversary.

Track Listing Edit

  1. flamma idola (Flaming Phantom (Latin))
  2. 天鵞絨パピリオ (Biroodo Papirio; Velvet Butterfly)
  3. 内観宇宙死者のゆりかご (Naikan Uchuu Shisha no Yurikago; Introspection of the Universe in the Cradle of the Dead)
  4. flamma idola (Instrumental)
  5. 天鵞絨パピリオ (Instrumental)
  6. 内観宇宙死者のゆりかご (Instrumental)

Music Videos Edit

"flamma idola" Edit

Flamma idola MV04:14

Flamma idola MV

External Links Edit

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