Yousei Teikoku (妖精帝國; Fairy Empire, Das Feenreich), is a five-member Japanese musical unit, formed in 1997 and part of Team Fairithm. Their music mixes elements of pop rock and heavy metal. Their works include the theme songs of several anime, including Mirai Nikki, Magical Pokan, Innocent Venus, Kurokami: The Animation, Seikon no Qwaser, the theme song of the game Mai-HiME, and the Tokyo Esp soundtrack. They have also released several albums both independently and with their current publisher Lantis.





  • Ashita wo Yurushite (明日を許して, Forgive Tomorrow) (2006)
  • Senketsu no Chikai (鮮血の誓い, The Blood Oath) (2006)
  • Noble Roar (2006)
  • Valkyrja (2006)
  • Shijun no Zankoku (至純の残酷, The Purest Cruelty) (2007)
  • Schwarzer Sarg (2008)
  • Hades: The bloody rage (2008)
  • Weiß Flügel (2008)
  • Gekkō no Chigiri (月光の契り, The Moonlight Pledge) (2009)
  • One (2009)
  • Tasogare no Getsuka (誰そ彼の月華?) (2009)
  • Baptize (2010)
  • Rebellion Anthem (2010)
  • Asgard (2010)
  • Mischievous of Alice (2011)
  • Kuusou Mesorogiwi (空想メソロギヰ, "Fantasy Mythology") (2011)
  • Filament (2012)
  • Shito Kakusei (2014)
  • Kyusei Argyros (2014)
  • DISORDER (2016)


  • The low quality of Momo no Hane and Momo no Mori have been found, but Shikou no Momo and Atarashii Momo are still nowhere to be found.

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